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  • Monitors your web sites and warns you when any become unreachable.
  • Error documents, password protection, enabling SSI via htaccess, blocking users and more
  • Simulate client activity in your website.
  • Many online DNS tools (DNS, IP, URL, Email, etc.)
  • Information about how your visitors found you and how they interact with your site.
  • Manage your Hosts file with ease.
  • Using SSI's to ease site maintenance
  • Seven essential web site maintenance strategies

  • Hosting

  • Directory that provides a web hosting search, blogs, and reseller web hosting resources.
  • Basic things to consider when choosing a web hosting service - speed, reliability, space, etc.
  • Independent web hosting reviews, news, services, FAQs, and other web hosting Info
  • Free web hosting organization (200mb, PHP, MySQL or 50mb, no ads, PHP)

  • Security

  • Security report of your network or website (vulnerabilities, software holes, remote access, etc.)
  • Subscribe to receive a notification in case your website gets attacked.
  • Check if your web site has SQL injection, Cross Site Scripting or other vulnerabilities.
  • Scans web servers to identify security problems and weaknesses

  • Servers

  • HTTP Server (unlimited number of web sites, low system requirements and easy administration)
  • Automatically installs Apache, PHP, MySQL, PHPmyadmin and SQLitemanager.